"OKAY, LET'S DO THIS" by Mark Phelps Flying Magazine July 2016
  "You've made the executive decision.  Your career is either winding down, or in the right place for a change of address (maybe your flying is part of the reason you can live where you want, rather than where you have to).  Finances are right to make a move.  You've talked it through-and-through with spouse and kids, who may or may not still be "in the nest." And your flying friends all agree, it's the right thing to do. YES, you're moving to a place where the houses come with not just bedrooms, baths and a garage ...but also a hangar.
  Living at an "airpark" or "fly-in community" has to be on any pilot's wannado list.  When you gaze out the kitchen window and the warm, blue sky beckons, it just takes a few steps to answer the call.  No need to pack the car with everything you think you might need when you get to the airport.  Want to check wind conditions? Just glance at the windsock."
  Living in a neighborhood with like-minded individuals who share the same passion give airparks a true sense of community and a lifestyle like no where else.  Many pilots in these communities own their planes in partnership providing economic benefits as well as the airplane flying more often.  Whether you fly for business, pleasure or both your airplane is a pre-flight away from taking you to Mackinac Island for lunch, visiting friends and family or having that face to face business meeting, all while being able to be home by dinner.  
  The following is a list of airparks in the "Chicago-land" area.  For more information and available homes for sale call Albert Miranda 312-543-1220


Brookeridge - LL22 - Downers Grove, IL

Brookeridge is the nearest residential airport to Chicago, IL (15 miles WSW).  Very friendly neighborhood with many events, movies and music in the park, fly-in, family picnic and more.  Parks, lakes, fishing and walking trails.  Mature trees with no two homes the same.  83 homes with direct access to the runway.  A wide variety of airplanes from experimentals, warbirds, to cabin class twins. Lower unincorporated real estate taxes, great schools, conveniently located near major expressways, shopping and dining.    History of Brookeridge click here

  • Runway 09/27 2,800' x 40' paved (parallel turf runways)
  • Runway 18/36 1,940' x 25' paved
  • Instrument approach
  • Lights
  • Avgas for residents
  • Fee $90 per month
  • Landings permitted 24 hours, takeoffs between 6 am -11 pm



NaperAero - LL10 - Naperville, IL
Located near shopping and dining.  Flying club located at the airpark.

  • Runway 18/36 2,575' x 30' paved
  • Runway 09/27 1,750' x 70' turf
  • Instrument approach
  • Lights
  • Avgas
  • Fee $100 per month








Meadow Creek - 2IL9 - Monee, IL
Gated Community located 24 miles south of Chicago Midway Airport

  • Runway 04/22 3,400' x 40' paved
  • Lights
  • Fee $85 per month
  • Landings 24 hours, takeoffs between 6:30 am - 11 pm









Poplar Grove - C77 - Poplar Grove, IL
Public use airport, 100 home sites with direct access to runway.  10 miles east of Rockford, IL.  Homes and buildable lots for sale.

  • Runway 12/30 3,773' x 50' paved
  • Runway 9/27 2,709' x 200' turf
  • Runway 17/35 2,467' x 150 turf
  • Instrument approach
  • Lights
  • Avgas
  • FBO
  • No fee
  • Landings and takeoffs, 24 hours

Casa de Aero - 68IS - Hampshire, IL
45 homes with direct access to runway.  35 miles WNW of O'hare airport.

  • Runway 09/27 2,998' x 50' paved
  • Instrument approach
  • Lights
  • Avgas
  • Fee $165 per month

Courtesy of Glenn Olsen